I make things. I’m interested in how we use storytelling.

Wearing Love Makes us More

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With my Love Pants pulled up,
It’s not that absurd, for me to imagine Angels
Leaning over each blade of grass,
Whispering softly, ‘Grow, grow, grow…’

With my Love Pants pulled up,
It’s not too Grand of me, to observe
that we; that you and I, might Matter
to the Whole, to the Entirety

And with my Love Pants pulled up
I was able to sit, with my heart screaming inside me
And stop my eyes, from looking away,
From the horrifying violence, of a Brother’s parting

And now, with my Love Pants pulled up, I Bear Witness to the…

My Floating Childhood was Anchored in Leadlight and Woodwork

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Dad’s in his Workshop — All’s right with the World

My family traveled and moved a lot (over great distances) as we grew up. We lived in many homes, but the constants in all these homes were always a sewing table in the lounge room and a workshop out the back or under the house. I write about my mum quite a bit because I still sometimes reach for the space that she left when she passed, but I rarely mention my dad. Because, well, — he’s always there.

My mother used to get restless and go ‘walkabout’. She’d take her car and go places. Sometimes she took us, kids…

A Right of Passage granted by Aboriginal Elders

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Welcome to Country

In the old days, there was no separation between a peoples and the land (Country). The mind did not see oneself as separate from the spirits of ancestors or the spirits of trees, birds, water, or landforms. Country was as sacred and as nourishing, as life reborn, each generation.

A new animal moving across a Country was a gift, whereas another peoples, seeking trade or safe passage, came to with gifts and the blessings of their own ancestors. If safe passage was granted, an elder would simply speak it:

From the Tips of the Trees to the Roots of the…

Blackout Poetry, Poetry Sculpture & the Wisdom of Small Completions

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Pic by Author. The poem ‘Transmutation’, crafted into a card.


Tell, me though
What is it that you admire?

Without hesitation
beauty in elegant reserve

It appeared as though
He listened


She felt herself set loose
she spilled forth ideas
locked away within her heart

A Poem found hidden on a page, in a book, found in a car park.

I found a book some time ago. A paperback, just lying on the ground, in a car park. I picked it up and wasn't able to find an owner, so I took it home, planning to donate it to charity.

It sat instead, on a kitchen chair, for over a month.

Last week, I opened a page of the book at random…

A Poem: Maybe, the First one ever said to Another

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Before there were stories; before there was we
I watched you in wonder,
thinking, how splendid,
how lovely was me

Before there were names for things; before we did words
I flounced through the garden
delighting in gleaming
the edges of me

And once I had walked an eon alone,
I came to the knowing
that the sound of your voice,
was no longer my own

And that’s when I called you, out of your sleep
and told you that I had become
an Other — apart from you
but yours, to meet.

The real ‘loss of innocence’ was necessary separation

I’ve been thinking about those first interactions…

With the Song of the Firefly’s Glow

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Pic by Author, Card-Art by my 4 yr old

Sharing is Caring (as they say at Kinder)

Nina is four, and she makes cards. She has a helper who she’s looking to replace. Nonetheless, her helper has put together a video to share her work:

Card Making Tutorial by Nina & (current) Helper

A Note and an Offering from Nina’s helper:

I have Nina’s voice singing in this (recorded on another video months ago) because I had to think about how to actually give her a voice, in something that I was making on her behalf.

I don’t know what the song is, but she always performs it with ‘clapping sticks’, so I’m assuming it’s something that she learned at her Indigenous children's playgroup. …

A Poem

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I don't want stars
or fairy lights
in trees too green
for summertime

coconut snowflakes
or sparkling red wine
Mama, I hurt
I want Big Love

I don’t want more stories
from far away
Some child, not mine
yes, let him be safe,
let him lie warm
by his own mama

Tell me the stories
you used to tell
Your own Big Love
How did you say?

That’s right; my hands, my tiny hands
were your own Big Love
all that you were
and wanted to be —

Mama, I love
I have Big Love

This year I missed my…

A Poem, a Tale, from before ‘The end.’

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For starters, our home —’twas never a shoe.
Only tied to our door, was a boot without laces,
With flowers to sell, to the Little-to-do;
Left by Eliza — who we lost to the races.

Nor were we whipped, or beat with a stick,
There wasn’t the time; far too many to mind.
That idiot Jack, who thought himself quick;
Rhymed for the littlies — and he was not kind.

We were each left alone, in the wild world to fend,
Breadcrumbs didn't matter, we weren't wanted, I fear. …

Via an Argument over the Phone

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My Brother's Girlfriend
On-again, off-again, who could ever say?
Were they ever going to — we just stopped asking
Then, this year we heard; she was coming to Christmas
Mentioned off-handedly, but we, all of us knew
That this, this was going to be something new.

My part of an argument (and no, I'm not proud of this) Hey bro, I’m about to walk into the station… I’m booking our seats — Wait, why aren’t you awake? You’re picking us up — The little one and I; Who else, you twit? What, don’t tell me you haven’t got a child’s…

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